Saturday, 5 May 2012

New horizons for Gordon

Many will see Gordon Mackenzie as the face of the trams and that his defeat above all represented for the electorate some measure of accountability for a project which went spectacularly off course. That is as may be.

Many, however, will not have the opportunity I have had to get to know him as a person.   Having worked with him as a fellow councillor in Southside and Newington I want to note publicly, whatever our political differences, that I consider it both a privilege and a pleasure to have served alongside him in this ward.  I came to respect him highly as a person.

He gave a huge amount in public service and, as a fellow ward councillor was unfailingly courteous, fair and helpful, carrying a heavy ward workload as well as high profile leadership responsibilities in the city.   I valued highly his friendship, pragmatic common sense and commitment to people.   Oh, and in his time as Finance Convene, let's not forget he brought the chaotic city finances back into balance.

I wish Gordon and his wife and young family well as their lives take a change of direction.

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