Monday, 7 May 2012

SNP Labour coalition for Edinburgh

Edinburgh City Chambers
Here is the announcement that the Labour and SNP will form a coalition to run Edinburgh.  They have 38 of the 58 councillors.

The Conservative group will be main opposition party.


Anonymous said...

Cameron, who do we contact in the Police to report dangerous parking at junctions around the Sick Kids by those with Essential User permits?

Certain vehicles are frequently parking all day on yellow lines, blocking line of sight at junctions. Hatton place is particularly badly affected - even though there is plenty of space on a little further up the roads.

It's not safe for other road users, particularly children walking to Sciennes.

Cameron Rose said...

The answer to your question is the local Inspector:

I checked myself on Friday and, although there were cars with the essential user permits on double yellow lines, none were particularly badly parked on a corner. As you may know, this issue has long been a source of friction in the area. I will get the up to date situation from our Transport department as to the issue of the permits and look at it again.

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