Thursday, 14 June 2012

Contacting police locally (plus twitter)

St Leonard's
I often get asked how best to contact local police.  Well that varies depending on the nature of what one wishes to communicate.  Here is a guide and, particularly, a useful local contact number (for use only in relation to Southside & Newington residents/matters).
Contacting the Police
999 - On-going emergency - this would include an 'on-going' or 'in-progress' crime where there is a threat to life or property (e.g. an on-going street fight; an in progress house-breaking/break in to a vehicle)
0131 311 3131 - This is the general police contact number and all calls are dealt with at the Force Communication Centre (FCC).  This should be used for all non-emergency calls e.g. reporting a crime which has occurred and the offender(s) are no longer at, or near, the scene; trying to make contact with a specific officer; looking for an update about a previously reported crime; etc.  The FCC will direct your call to where it needs to go.
0131 662 5096 - This is a dedicated automated phone number which allows you to leave a message for a named, local officer at St Leonard's.  The system automatically converts your message to an email and the officer is emailed details about your call.  This can be used if you are looking for help or advice about a local matter e.g. problems with neighbours; parking issues; or any sort of general advice you would like from your local officer.

There are also dedicated email addresses for the different local areas.  They are:
- (for residents in the Southside and Newington area) and; - (for residents in the Meadows and Morningside area)
These accounts get looked at regularly, but should never be used for reporting emergencies.
Questions or queries will be directed to your local officer, so please leave your name, address and contact number.

There is also information stored on the police internet page:  There is crime prevention information galore on that site and I would encourage you to look at in due course.
You can also follow on Twitter @LBP_Police and in the next few weeks St Leonard's will become the first area in Lothian and Borders to use Twitter at a local level.  They will use the same Twitter account, but will also use the hashtag #stleonardspolice.

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