Monday, 2 July 2012

Grange Housebreakings: good response, good results

NINE people have been charged in relation to recent housebreakings in the Grange area and I understand no further housebreakings have been reported over the last ten days.

Police activity in the area has been extensive and, along with a number of reports from the public about suspicious activity, the spate of crime reported in my recent posts (here and here) appears to have been brought to an end.

I have learned details of a very intensive police operation in the area which has, by all accounts, met with pleasing success - leading to the fall off in incidents. 

As well as police action and reports from the public, there has been a well attended recent Neighbourhood Watch meeting in the area.

Laptop Tracking software:  It is worth noting that the police have had recent success in this area with laptop and tablet tracking software.  In short, thieves have been traced where victims have the appropriate software on their device.  Worth pursuing.  This article surveys some options.

Finally, here is a recent newspaper article on the housebreakings.

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