Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Meadows this summer

Urban Circus site - pic taken yesterday
Each year I get  much correspondence about the activities on the Meadows - especially associated with the festivals.  This year, particularly with the recent wet weather and the curtailment of Taste of Edinburgh, I have asked for more details of arrangements planned for the remainder of the summer.  For my correspondents, here are some of the highlights as things currently stand, including details of changes to take account of the weather impact..

Urban Circus (Lady Boys): They are now due to begin set up at the beginning of next week. They have been moved eastwards in the same segment - between Middle Meadow Walk and Townswoman's Guild Walk (east Meadows).  The ground is slightly higher and the normal set up will be skewed to align it with the cherry tree lined Walk.  Entrance and ticket sales will be facing Middle Meadow Walk but well back from the bit of ground which is still under a bit of water.  Extra 'pourous' tracking will be used and vehicle access will be tracked in from the George Square entrance.  A short extra period has been allowed for them to set up - to allow for adverse weather.

Evans Funfair:  This has been moved from the same segment of the East Meadows to the slightly smaller pitch beside the Pavilion in the West Meadows.

Big Red Bus Children's Theatre: They have now been allocated a tracked site near the confluence area of Middle Meadow Walk and North Meadow Walk.

At an appropriate time the bare areas caused mainly by the tracking at the July Taste event will be returfed.
In the autumn work is planned to improve the drainage under the main site beside Middle Meadow Walk which became waterlogged (see link in first para).

A final word of reassurance.  A condition of use is that the user pays for reinstatement of any works necessary.  This is by means of a bond lodged before the use  - though in the rare case where this is insufficient, the organisation is still liable.
View (yesterday) of ponding beside Middle Meadow Walk from the East

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