Monday, 27 August 2012

Advance stop lines

In Edinburgh there are around 490 advance stop lines (ASLs).  65% of signal controlled junction arms have them.

There is often debate as to whether they are legally enforceable.  So here is my take on the issue.  The Highway Code (Section 171) seems to be clear that they are.  As this web page lays out, under Section 36 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 encroaching motorists can have a fixed penalty of £60 imposed and an automatic 3 points added to the offender's licence.

Under the same section cyclists running red lights can have a fixed penalty of £30 imposed.

Are these laws ever enforced? I mean other than warnings in 'awareness campaigns'.   I am told that there are at least six police officers operating one day a week in the city to enforce ASLs and report cyclists ignoring red lights.  This resource has been put in place until November 2012. 

I'm looking for on street evidence of this.


Anonymous said...

How is a cyclist supposed to get into these 'refuges'? I have been told that technically it's illegal to enter them from the right hand side of the traffic but then we're always told not to come up the left of stationary traffic (buses an lorries particularly) as this causes most accidents in lonodon if the traffic moves off before you get there.

ABC said...

Surely it's only "technically" illegal if there are hatches on the right hand side as in the photo above? There's no reason why you can't overtake stationary traffic to get to the place reserved for you and I doubt any reasonable officer would chastise you even going through the hatches provided you put nobody at risk.

What's really needed are "Advanced Start" green lights to give cyclists time to not only get a head start but also time to filter to the front using the cycle lane (where it exists.

Councillor, what evidence are you after? Just examples of officers monitoring this (which I think will be a quite a task!) or also examples of abuse of these 2 rules? Stills evidence will be of debatable use as it won't conclusively prove someone jumped a light or drove over the ASL when they had time not to. Video (or a series of stills from video) would be more useful.

Anonymous said...

Iv also read in the highway code that when approaching lights in a vehicle with these boxes, if you cannot stop at the first line you must stop at the second line, should the lights change to amber or red, so in the above situation what would you do

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