Friday, 24 August 2012

Hasselhoff ticketed in Pleasance**

**Update 24/8/12: See comment below from Alison who states the whole event was staged! 
"Owner David Hasselhoff had parked the famous car in the middle of the road that runs into the Edinburgh University Sports Centre, by the Pleasance."

So reports the Evening News - which also points out that the traffic warden who ticketed the famous car was quoted as saying "I don't care who he is.

The Evening News has the full story here.

The background is that there has been close to pandemonium at times in the vicinity of the Pleasance venue during the festival.  There have been complaints from neighbours and parking wardens have been part of the response with an increase in warden and police patrols in the area.  Residents tell me things have improved considerably.


Alison said...

The Hoff getting a parking ticket was completely staged as part of the press launch. The warden was pulled in off the street to 'pretend' to ticket KITT for a publicity shot. A traffic warden cannot issue a ticket on private property. It's a shame that STV Edinburgh and the Evening News have gone with this story as it simply didn't happen. I know this, because I was there taking pictures for Edinburgh Spotlight.

Cameron Rose said...

Noted, amended and thank you.

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