Friday, 10 August 2012

Light in the park

Just outside the ward, but last night the first of the NVA Speed of Light events took place on the slopes of Arthur's Seat.

I took part.  I'm not sure how it looked from the viewing area at the summit. However, over the course of the evening the stunning views, along with the brilliant colours and smells of the vegetation, combined with an orange moon, a glimpse of the stars and  brisk exercise to create a choreographed  spectacle, making a superb evening.

The event was well organised.


Colin C said...

well done. Isn't there a risk of sprained ankles etc for participants running around in the dark?

Cameron Rose said...

We did have head torches at least. And a bit of light from the LEDs. A few people have raised that point, though. I summarise my view in a subsequent post of the topic, quod vide.

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