Saturday, 11 August 2012

Speed of Light reviews

The innovative light event on Arthur's Seat, in which your intrepid councillor participated on Thursday night, has been the subject of festival reviews and comment.

First, here are reviews from the The Telegraph ("spellbinding"), The Guardian ("underwhelming") and The Scotsman ("muted artistic achievement").

Some have asked whether the event is too risky for the participants with the risk of breaking an ankle whilst jogging in the half light.

The answer is perspective.  There is a heightened risk of an injury through nighttime or evening running.  But, apart from the artistic benefits (including magnificent views of the sky, city and Arthur's Seat) it was an exhilarating and healthy few hours (to say nothing of the training) physically.  Set the health benefits of this more adventurous activity against the late night scene in the Accident and Emergency departments of our city hospitals.  There we see evidence of rather more destructive activities, usually involving alcohol, which for many, are part of forming lifelong habits with huge social consequences - often for generations to come.  I suggest a proper perspective should not rule out a minor occasional risk.

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