Thursday, 13 September 2012

Holyrood Park Road advert signs

Parkside Bowling Club
I have had much correspondence regarding the advertising signs being erected in the grounds of the Parkside Bowling Club in Holyrood Park Road.

Here is the background.  There are three applications for three signs.

The first was lodged on 24th February this year  (application No 12/00570/ADV).  It was notified in the weekly planning bulletin of 5th March and granted via delegated authority on 17th April.  This has now been erected.

The second was lodged on 20th June this year (12/02171/ADV).  It was notified in the weekly planning bulletin on  and was fast track delegated and approved on 27th July.  That one is currently being erected.

The third is was lodged on 15th August (12/02808/ADV) and and is the subject of the current correspondence.    It is likely to come before the Planning Committee in the next few weeks.  It proposes an illuminated board which will fit (in an angled way) on the back of the first (above), in other words facing people and traffic travelling eastwards in Holyrood Park Road.

I note the twenty or so comments about the third one.  As far as I can see the first two were not picked up by the local community or by myself.  (I'll not be commenting as I am on the Planning Committee as it may come before me.)

The advertising regulations have some differences from building planning rules. Specifically and for example:
  • The assessment standard is for amenity and public safety (not the range of other criteria for buildings)
  • Applications do not require neighbour notification
  • Decisions may disregard other advertisements (ie precedent)

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Anne Stevenson said...

I wonder what "fast track delegated" means?
If "amenity" refers to the overall ambience of an area, I cannot see that even one of these huge advertising hoardings does not detract from the amenity of the area where there are shortly to be two such structures.
Why neighbours who will have to look at these huge structures on a daily basis are not considered under the rules is a mystery when individual householders have to comply with much much more stringent rules when wishing to a rect much smaller domestic structures.
The area is greatly adversely affected by the one, shortly to be two commercial structures and one can only hope that the planning committee at least spare local residents a third.
Anne Stevenson

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