Thursday, 27 September 2012

Key messages on bins

Gladstone Terrace 27.09.12
From the large number of complaints I have been dealing with it will be helpful to do three posts on the background, the current situation and then an overview of how we have arrived here.

First let me clarify a couple areas of confusion.

Street communal bins:  The frequency of collection has not changed.  In most cases the days of collection and the routes have changed.  Collection frequency (often twice a week) has not changed.  Of course the staff have struggled to cope with the new rounds as can be seen from this morning's picture (right).

Fortnightly collections The move to fortnightly collections only affects the collection of individual green bins.  That does amount to 160,000 collections throughout the city, many in this ward.  Reasons for fortnightly collections include:
  • More recycling facilities (food, plastics, paper, etc, etc) mean people have less residual waste. 
  • Separate food waste collections reduce the likelihood of odours in residual waste
  • Generally people are producing less residual waste
  • Fortnightly collections save money for the taxpayers.  I understand the current package of changes is designed to save around £5m per annum (eventually - in the initial stages there have been significant change management costs).
The next post will address the current state of collections.  Here is my post from last week.

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