Monday, 17 September 2012

Meadows trees coming and going

Last week I posted on local trees being made into furniture.  Today, an update on the current position with trees lost to Dutch elm.

This year's annual survey of elm trees is almost complete.  In the Meadows (not the Links) I understand there will be about 14 elms to be removed (picture above).  Throughout the city the figure is likely to be well over 1,000 from public places.  The comparative figure from last year is 600.

So it has been a bad year for trees susceptible to Dutch elm.  The pattern of weather is likely to have contributed significantly to the increased loss.

Trees will be replaced in due course.  Some of the replacements will be with elms - using different strains which may or may not prove to be resistent.  Others will be replaced with different species of tree.

Other information on the subject can be found at these sources and the links they contain:

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