Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Refuse collection problems

Are the problems teething issues or is there something more fundamental - such as a major miscalculation on new collection rounds or industrial relations problems?

I am not certain as to the answer to that question.  However, this afternoon my local waste management manager told me the following:
Clear Day
"Just to try and give you an update where we are with collections. The majority of routes in the South are running fine with some small issues relating to crews unfamiliar with the routes meaning that we do have a small amount of missed bins. We are working to try and add more detail to route sheets to so that crews are aware where these bins are.
We do have an issue with one of our routes which takes in the Pleasance area up and over to Sciennes and surrounding streets. We are about a day behind in collections now and slowly catching up with the work with the use of contingencies. We hope to have this route back on track by the weekend so that we hit the correct collection days next week."
I've certainly had a lot of complaints about missed collections and overflowing bins (mainly street bins) and I know most people have simply contacted our Waste Services direct.  Do let me know if you have experienced difficulties.

Previous posts giving the background of the collection changes can be seen here and here.

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