Friday, 19 October 2012

Apology for Mayfield Road work delay

The most recent works sign
Council officers have issued an apology on behalf of Edinburgh Council for the delay in the junction works at the King's Buildings.

Work at the junction with Esslemont Road and West Mains Road began on 30th July with an expected duration of seven weeks and I have made several checks on progress.  Its latest completion date is the end of this week.

For the record the explanation given for the delay is as follows:
  • The work (by the University) within the KB was delayed because of a supply problem and the subsequent late delivery of natural stone materials being used in the foot way entrance construction.  This had a knock on effect delaying the junction work because a foot way had to be maintained.
  • There was a further two week delay when damage to cable ducts caused by a utility company. The damage was repaired and, I am glad to see, the costs, including costs of the delay, will be recovered from the utility company.  This repair work proved a diversion from the progress of the junction upgrade work
So the apology is that the seven week project has now turned into an 11 week project - and that local residents, who were notified of the project, were not kept up to date with the delays.

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Tonbar said...

As you may know the roadworks on Mayfield road have continued for one reason or another through to last week. I was about to complain to the council but then they finally completed. However today I see that roadworks have returned again!!! Whilst queuing in the habitual traffic jam on Mayfield Road (I live in Liberton) I calculated that either my wife or I must have spent approximately 3 hours stuck at roadworks over the last 6 months. Multiply that by the number of car owners in Liberton and then allow for other drivers passing through the area and you have literally THOUSANDS of hours delay caused by these ongoing roadworks which never seem to end. Does anyone in the world of Edinburgh council actually care about any of this? The prospect of thinking about local residents, is that something that might even be possible? How about saying "no" to any non emergency works (the token small island built in the middle of the road a few months back comes to mind). Can anything be done to end this nightmare?

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