Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bike corridor opening put off

Teviot Place
The official opening of the Quality Bike Corridor has been postponed because of - roadworks.

There are two problems.  First the works at the King's Building junction are unfinished.  Then a pristine, smooth, recently resurfaced section in Teviot Place has been comprehensively dug up by Scottish Gas.

The opening was due this Friday morning.  An early completion of the works at the King's Buildings or Teviot Place looks unlikely.

There are plenty of comments online at various sites about the development of the QBC such as this one - which also provides a map.

Update 2:30pm:  I note the King's Buildings update is due for completion by 19th October.  Although the final costs of the QBC are still to be finalised the budget was £458k - with £178k allocated to the King's Building junction.

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