Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bike park proposal

Plans which would create a small mountain bike/BMX bike track in the Southside are being explored.

The proposal has been floated by Hoda, a charity which aims to bring the best out of young people using creativity and outdoor activity.

The proposed location is the woodland and scrub area which used to be known as Heriot Mount - situated beside Braidwood Gate and between Holyrood Park and the north end of St Leonards.

It sounds like a great idea.  Much of the area is currently used  by rough sleepers and accumulates rubbish regularly. (See here for a clean up organised by the Southside Association last year).

There is a local consultation in the Crags Sports Centre on Saturday 3rd November between 12 noon and 2pm.  More details from these pages.


Kim Harding said...

I take it this is outwith the park, how do Historic Scotland feel about encouraging mountain biking on their boundary, given that they are not keen on mountain biking inwith the park?

Personally I think it would be a great idea to give people a place that can legitimately ride MTBs off road in the city.

Angus Calder said...

Angus here from the Braidwood Bike Park Group (the people behind the proposals).
Its great to see such positive initial feedback!
It would also be great to see you at the consultation itself on the 3rd.
Possible do you think?

Cameron Rose said...


I don't think HS should have a problem with this.

Angus, Would love to but have a longstanding appointment out of town. Happy to meet to find out more. I will post a reminder about the consultation next week.


Angus Calder said...

Shame you'll not be around, but it would be good to meet anyway. Maybe sometime after the 3rd?

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