Monday, 1 October 2012

Bin collections not working

Earlier this evening I checked a few streets in the South Clerk Street area.  I set myself the task of counting 100 black communal street bins and noting the number that were full to overflowing.  
Of the 100 I found EIGHTY which were full and overflowing. The picture above is from South Oxford Street earlier in the day. 

Most of those eighty bins had bags deposited around them because the bins were full. In some cases the pavements were substantially blocked  (as in the pic in this post from earlier today).

I have met the director responsible to express the concerns of residents. I have been in touch with the appropriate convener - Cllr Lesley Hinds.  I have reported the problems directly to the local waste manager.  Many residents have contacted the department direct.

Assurances of an impending return to normality have been given.  For example, on 20th Sept Cllr Hinds led us to expect her staff would have us back to situation normal by the end of Sunday 23rd.

Certainly, much of the backlog has been collected  at some stage.  But once again the picture is currently getting worse.

Edinburgh refuse collection is not working.  I will address causesof the problem in a post tomorrow.

NB The sample count was in East & West Preston Street, East and West Newington Place, Blackwood Crescent, Bernard Terrace, Lutton Place, Oxford Street and South Oxford Street, Montague Street and Rankeillor Street.
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