Monday, 1 October 2012

Bins update

The Council is still struggling to provide a comprehensive rubbish collection service after changes to the service from 10th September.  The photo was taken at 8:45 this morning in Gladstone Terrace where the pavement was blocked with rubbish.

On Thursday I met with the Director of Services for Communities who is responsible for the collections.  He was confident well in excess of 90% of collections were now on target throughout the city.  There are around 84,000 uplifts every day.  That means up to 8,400 were not being collected satisfactorily.

From speaking to householders, I know there were significant catch up collections at the weekend - especially on Saturday (29th).  That has cleared many of the bins which had not been collected since prior to 10th September - though there is clearly a latent backlog with householders holding rubbish on their premises waiting for the bins to be emptied.

We are clearly a long way from satisfactory service.  Let me know if you can't get a suitable response when you report a problem.  (Email and phone number on the right hand column of this web page).

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