Monday, 15 October 2012

Blackford Nether Liberton parking proposals

At the heart of the proposed  area
A majority of responses have opposed plans for new parking controls in Blackford/Nether Liberton area.

Results are now in from the informal consultation on the proposal for a priority parking scheme south of the South Suburban railway line from Oswald Road to Cameron Toll. The suggested area is bounded on the south side by Charterhall Road, Blackford Hill, West Mains Road, Mayfield Road and Liberton Road  Almost 2700 residences and businesses were leafleted and responses were invited before 10th September.

The overall result was a response rate of around 10% - which is low for this type of consultation.  The results:

For the draft proposals:    77 responses
Against the proposals:      174 responses
Additional:  one petition with 69 signatures against.

The proposals are for the relatively new approach to help tackle commuter parking pressure.  Permits are available to residents to enable them to park in areas reserved  closer to their homes during the day.  it does not restrict all the kerbside space and those sections not used for permit holders remain uncontrolled.  The spaces reserved for residents is controlled for a 90 minute period - usually between 11:30 and 1pm.  This has proved to be a generally successful solution for the area north of the South Sub railway line.

However,  there is one part of the area where responses were clearly in favour.  I will give those details in a subsequent post.

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