Monday, 1 October 2012

Busy blog today

My third post today, (and it may not be the last - I have just surveyed the state of bin collections in part of the ward), is not strictly ward business.

Jeremy Balfour, Conservative Group leader on Edinburgh Council, has announced today that he is stepping down from the leadership after two and a half years.  He is due to be replaced at a meeting of the Conservative councillors on Friday this week.

Jeremy wants to take the post of chair of the Council's new Governance, Risk and Best Value Committee, a post which might not sit comfortably with being group leader.  Effectively a beefed up audit committee, it  is due to get additional new powers and remit, and the convenership is allocated to the main opposition party.

Since Jeremy took over the helm two and a half years ago he has also become father of twins.

More tomorrow.

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