Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Parking control proposals - part 2

A priority parking area could be introduced in the streets to the east of Mayfield Road.

Yesterday I posted on the results of an informal consultation to gauge if there would be a demand for a priority parking scheme in the area to the south of the South Sub railway line in the ward area.   On a 10% poll return the results were strongly against.

However that result was reversed in one part of the area.  In the area south of Mentone and east of the southern part of Mayfield Road the responses were 67 in favour of priority parking and 40 against. Here is a map of that area.

This was, however, an informal consultation designed to test the waters before embarking on a formal consultation which could then lead to Traffic Regulation Orders and implementation - subject to sufficient support in the area.

A decision on whether or not to proceed is not likely to be taken until the next meeting of the Transport and Environment Committee which is on 23rd November.

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