Friday, 12 October 2012

Student help required

Some months ago my attention was drawn to a blog suggestion, I think from a student who frequents the Meadows.   I'm having difficulty finding it or recalling the details of the suggestion.

The blog poster had the idea of naming the segments of the Meadows so they would be easier to find/identify - especially for new students to Edinburgh engaging in a sports or recreation meeting at a particular spot.

There are about 12 segments in the Meadows (not including Bruntsfield Links) and it would be great to acknowledge the suggestion and, if I recall correctly, the particular blogger had drawn a freehand sketch with suggested names.

I'm not picking it up with Google.  Can you help the person and the map?

Update 13/10/12:  Map now traced (see below).  Richard Littauer seems to have left Edinburgh last  year.

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Tychy said...

I believe that a version of that map first appeared in the Edinburgh Uni satirical magazine "The Rascal." The joke being: the Meadows looks a bit like a racetrack from Super Mario Kart.

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