Saturday, 6 October 2012

Waste disruption page

There is now a council web page which gives information to residents and others about problems in the collection rounds.  In some cases this can save the frustration of calls or emails to the Council's waste helplines.

The page is here and I will be keeping an eye on it to check that it is kept up to date.  

I note that it is showing there were problems with communal and trade waste bin collections in Southside & Newington on Friday (5th) and that there would be extra crews catching up today and tomorrow. 

Thank you to the constituent who suggested that the Council should provide this online current disruption information and advice.  He also suggested an apology on the website would go a long way to taking the heat out of the annoyance and frustration many constituents are feeling.  

I immediately contacted the Councillor responsible for waste collections with the two suggestions.  Cllr Lesley Hinds thanked me and agreed to look at both suggestions.  I am grateful to her for ensuring constituents can now access relevant advice on the changing situation.  

I haven't noticed the apology on the website.  That would be a nice touch.   I'll jog her memory. :-)  My email:
Dear Lesley,
One of my constituents has suggested that we are missing a trick by not keeping our website up to date - with status updates as well as advice for what to do when bins (different kinds) are not collected on the right day or are full.
And an apology on the website would go some way to taking the heat out of the situation.
Best wishes,    Cameron   13:49, 2nd October, 2012

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