Friday, 23 November 2012

Blacket bins

A day in the life of the councillor!  Last night it was a pleasure to attend the well run Blacket Association AGM.

There, it was noted that some green bins in Blacket had not been uplifted on Wednesday in the normal fortnightly collection.  The problem was clearly not confined to just one or two residents so by the end of the day I emailed the local waste manager asking for this omission to be rectified.  I named the five streets.

To check for myself the extent of the issue I found myself in Blacket at lunchtime today and was pleased to see a bin crew had been mobilised and was emptying some of the green bins still presented on the pavements whilst I was there.

I say 'some', because after the crew had left I found that there was one green bin still not collected in Alfred Place.  I then reverted to the area manager about that.

But the main point was that local residents whose collections had been missed had been told more than once that those whose collections had been missed would just have to wait another two weeks.  Well certainly that is not the case when the report comes through a councillor.  That shouldn't be the case for any one.

I'm still waiting for the reply from the department and I'll do an addendum when I get the definitive reply.*

For those throughout the ward who have collection problems can I urge you to make the necessary contacts here to request remedy and, if you have any problems, give me a ring or send me an email.

There are still extensive problems with the uplift service in various other parts of the city.  If you are affected I suggest you follow the advice in the preceding paragraph.

** I have now received the reply. The advice which should be given by the Waste call centre is that where a missed uplift is brought to attention the bin should be left out for 2 days.  "Staff will make every effort to return within two days."

PS I am asked to pass on the apologies of the local waste manager to those inconvenienced.

PPS A day in the life. . . .  I would just like to assure residents I have managed a few other meetings and work today.  But it could all have been so much more efficient if the waste collection service was working to a reasonable standard.  Ahh but it gets me out and about.

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