Saturday, 17 November 2012

Local cycle traffic increases slowly

Increase in bike use is slow
Here are the figures from the annual November Spokes traffic count compiled over the last seven years.  The count is taken at Forrest Road/Bristo Place on a weekday in mid November and includes traffic in both directions:

  • 2006:  231 bikes 
  • 2007:  270 
  • 2008:  252
  • 2009:  275
  • 2010:  282 
  • 2011:  317 
  • 2012:  325 
The number of rush hour cycles has increased by 40.7% over the seven years. The population of the city has increased by just under 8% over the same period.

More detail can be found here including the 2012 figures published this week.

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