Saturday, 9 March 2013

Speeding signs for Priestfield Road

Slow down signs
Following a slew of complaints from local residents in recent months about the above, I asked for a review of what action could be taken.  (I was acting on behalf of all four councillors).  I thought you might like to see the response:
Dear Councillor Rose
Thank you for your e-mail of 25 February 2013 regarding local concerns raised through all the four ward councillors, relating to vehicle speeds on Priestfield Road.
As the South Central Edinburgh 20mph limit is a pilot scheme there is a robust monitoring element as part of this project. A baseline of data has been gathered covering vehicle speeds and volumes, and road casualty statistics. This data will form the basis for an 18 month monitoring period from the scheme launch on 23 March 2012, to evaluate the success, or otherwise of this pilot.
The Council has no powers to fine drivers. Enforcement has to be undertaken by the Police. The Council have requested that Police Traffic Support Wardens monitor speeds over a period of time on Priestfield Road, and make the data available to the Council to inform the monitoring phase. The Traffic Support Wardens issue Community Speed Concern letters to drivers who exceed the speed limit.
The information received to date through the Wardens provides a snapshot of average speeds at three different points in time (23 August 2012, 14 September 2012 and 19 September 2012) with average speeds being approximately 20mph, 22.5mph, and 20mph respectively. The wardens issued 50 speed concern letters.
Such a presence, however, will not rectify the issues raised by your constituents, namely speeding late at night. For this reason, we will arrange for the erection of temporary mobile Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) sign, which will flash a ‘20 Slow Down’ messages to drivers who exceed the speed limit. The temporary VAS sign will be erected in the next two weeks and in addition to a recent increase in the number of ‘20’ surface markings along Priestfield Road, which should hopefully help to reduce vehicle speeds. A report is scheduled to be presented to the Transport and Environment in August 2013 regarding the pilot, and will make recommendations on the 20mph strategy.

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