Friday, 26 April 2013

Dear Alison

Letter to Alison Johnstone MSP

I hope you had a good meeting last night and spoke well as you usually do.  I know you were speaking at a meeting because your name headed the bill of speakers on posters which were illegally fly posted around my ward.

I am sure you are aware, particularly from your days as a councillor, how fly posting makes a mess of our living environment and saps the morale of local communities.  Many of us have worked hard in recent years to achieve a welcome decrease in illegal fly posting.  Some local people regularly take them down - but inevitably there is often a mess left on local bus shelters and street furniture.  There is a cleaning cost which the community pays for - and our environmental wardens could be more productively employed on other tasks.

Having had the benefit of the publicity from the extensive illegal fly posting in my ward, I would like to enlist your help to tackle the problem.  I have found that political groups involved in fly posting are not very responsive when challenged about this issue.

Whilst I have no doubt you would not have been directly responsible for putting up these posters, I am asking you to use your good offices as an MSP and the headline speaker at the event, to have those who have disfigured our recently cleaned bus shelters and street furniture, to clean down the remains of their posters.  (I suggest they clean down others as many of yours have already been taken down by members of the community.)

Will you contact the organisers of the meeting you spoke at to achieve this?  My constituents will be interested to hear your response and to know of your help in this.

Best wishes,


PS I made similar representations some time ago to Colin Fox, former MSP, of the Scottish Socialist Party, and he was most co-operative and his response has made a lasting difference.

Update 1300hrs 26.4.13:  I now have a tweet from Alison Johnstone MSP:  "I wasn't involved in this activity but will do all I can to help."

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