Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Gerry Boyle's plans for the Odeon

SuBo's brother spoke at the Southside Association tonight about what he plans to do with the Odeon.  Here are the notes I took of what Gerry Boyle said.
  •  The aim is to open by 2nd August (yup, this year!) as a festival venue
  •  If the opening - using limited parts of the building - is successful that will constitute a green light for investing substantial amounts in the fabric of the building
  • He wants to rebrand the Odeon as the Instant World Arena with events there being broadcast around the world using digital technology
  • It will not be a night club.  There will be no gambling or fruit machines
  • It will not apply for a late licence
  • The Art Deco theme of the building will be retained
  • The star spangled ceiling will be retained
  • It will show traditional films
  • Events proposed include star turns - especially comedy, cabaret style with a wide range of events, films, discussions, interviews.  He was talking Ken Dodd, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey etc., etc.,
  • The plan is for a ten year lease with the option to buy at the end of every year
  • Any development is unlikely to include the buildings at the rear (Buccleuch Street) which have planning permission to be turned into houses
  • Investment in the building and facilities would be in the order to £250-400k for the festival followed by £4.5-£5m to make the building fully operational
  • Catering facilities will be installed with a local company
  • Apparently DHP have a current planning application under consderation
There was lots more.

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