Saturday, 18 May 2013

Engine Shed update

I see that the Evening News read my blog.  Today they have a short article based on my blog post yesterday.  Here is the EN article.

I have had discussions with Economic Development Convener Cllr Frank Ross - and will make a point of following up after that with Marian MacDonald, the Chief Executive at the Engine shed, and  then again with Frank Ross.

Meanwhile, I note there is a petition which, at this point (3pm today) has notched up 1800 signatures.


Anonymous said...

There is also a dedicated Facebook page for acolytes to look at:-
-but don't miss that petition.

Well done Cameron (never thought I would ever say that).

From a former St. Leonards Street resident.

Cameron Rose said...

I suspect you need to address your stereotyping :-)

Anonymous said...

I suspect you know to whom I was referring :-)

I am a victim of stereotyping myself as a now long-term
unemployed redundant civil servant. (18 yrs with DWP)

I listened live to the chancellor's infamous Today Programme
drawn curtains slur, whilst finishing off a job application I had
been working on all night.

But more seriously, I watched the Panorama special on
Hillsborough this evening (Monday). What a masterclass in
stereotyping by the government of the day that was.

I know that you are doing the hard work on the Engine Shed
cause. I live on their bread and especially their tofu, for me a
staple protein for over 20 years. If I were still in Southside,
I might consider this a vote-swinger. For you though, not the
other one. He's a smoked tofu on organic toast.

Cameron Rose said...

Come off whatever it is you are smoking and stop talking in riddles. I'm a simple uncomplicated boy, me.


Anonymous said...

Mr Rose,

Now who's stereotyping? I have never smoked anything in my

You should be excruciatingly embarrassed. Why jeopardise
your high standing with puerile insults?

Incidentally, most of my workplace passive smoking occurred
under a Conservative government at Westminster, and all of my
smoke-free work I enjoyed courtesy of Labour and then SNP
at Holyrood. Former First Minister Jack McConnell is a hero.

How many other Conservative politicians with the name of
Cameron do you know? I can only think of one. Put it this way -
who's the first one most people think of?

I'm not a thorn in your side, Cllr. Rose, I'm just someone who
has been consuming Engine Shed produce most every day for
almost half of his life, who happens to appreciate the
crucial effort you are making to alleviate this current crisis.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks for your post. My comment was intended to be a light hearted expression of bemusement about your last two sentences in the comment before. I didn't understand them! (My wife has since explained them to me!). No offence intended.
Best wishes,

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