Friday, 10 May 2013

Priestfield/Kirkhill parking zone

Not indicative times!
Things are moving - albeit slowly - on proposals for a new parking zone in the Priestfield area.

Of 567 homes surveyed there was a 29% response - which is particularly high for this type of informal consultation, probably helped by active efforts of the Community Council.

There were 192 returns with 147 in favour and 39 against.  There were 6 further comments. 

This was an informal consultation and, based on the result, roads engineers will work up a scheme which will then be put to the statutorily required consultation.  We need to wait to see the details.

With a fair wind the scheme stands a reasonable likelihood of implementation in early summer 2014.  But that is with a fair wind and with approval at the committee and consultation stages as well as with suitable staff, legal and implementation resources being made available.

The area covered by the survey included Marchhall, Kirkhill, Priestfield (Road, Avenue, Gardens and Crescent)

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