By election result Liberton Gilmerton

Nick Cook, the Conservative councillor
I recently mentioned the by-election in neighbouring Liberton/Gilmerton.

Polling was Thursday and the result (by manual count) was declared yesterday.  There were no surprises - you can access the detailed results from this page.
  • Labour took the seat - from the SNP.  (The SNP had secured one of the four seats in the 2012 elections but as there was only one vacancy at this by-election Labour's dominance resulted in a seat gained by them.)
  • Liberton/Gilmerton now has one Conservative and three Labour councillors.
  • Turnout was 30.6% up from 28% in a similar by-election in the ward in 2010.
  • The three largest parties (Labour, SNP and Conservative) saw their vote share fall slightly.  Lib Dems and Green increased their vote share slightly.
  • UKIP secured 3.2% of the vote


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