Thursday, 13 June 2013

Cost of your councillors

Since 2007 councillors in Scotland have been paid.  The current basic rate for all councillors is £16,234.  There is a responsibility payment depending on the post held.  For example, Cllr Andrew Burns is the Labour political leader of Edinburgh council.  He gets £48,704 pa.  As leader of the opposition, I get half that - which includes the basic £16,234.

The Depute Leader of the Council (Cllr Steve Cardownie, SNP) get 75% of what the Leader gets. There are 8 convenors of major committees who get 65% of the Leader's figure and there are various other posts with responsibility payments.

The salaries of the Chief Executive and other senior employees of the council can be found here.

Labour leader: Cllr Andrew Burns

SNP Deputy: Cllr Steve Cardownie

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