Wednesday, 5 June 2013

News from the Southside 1

The Southside Association met last night and here are a few snippets for those who were not there.

  • The Odeon - according to Gerry Boyle (brother of Susan Boyle) its trial opening is still on course for 2nd August
  • The pile drivers are in for the new student flats at the top of South College Street (Potterrow at the back of the Odeon).  There will be no parking permits issued for these flats.
  • Waste collection:  much discussion about the failings of the current collections including: garden waste collections being late; food waste collections not on time; collectors throwing the caddies anywhere and leaving a mess; communal street bins overflowing; and much more.
  • Poundland premises in Nicolson Street are the subject of an application for a license by . . . . .Sainsbury's.  Looks like another city Sainsbury's coming soon in the Nicolson Street corridor.
More snippets in the next post.

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