Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pothole and visitors' parking permits

No picture as I was on my bike when I noticed it ten days ago, but the sunken manhole at the Cameron Toll junction (west side of Craigmillar Park in the middle of the northbound carriageway) is the responsibility of Scottish Water.

I have reported it to the Council - who have (are you ready for this?) issued a defect notice to Scottish Water through the Scottish Roadworks Register recording system, Symology.

We shall see how long it takes them.

I get enquiries from time to time about the availability of visitor parking permits in priority parking areas (such as south of the S1 zone)  - where there is a 90 minute control period eg Oswald Road area.

Here is the web page with the rules and how to get books of 10 tickets for £6 for visitors.

There is extensive parking information on the council website including application forms for getting parking permits and visitor permits - such as here.


Hilary McDowell said...

You may well find that you get faster action by phoning Scottish Water direct on 0800 731 0840. (There is an 0845 number advertised but why should we pay for the call!) Since I made the financial director aware of how bad their customer relations were things have improved considerably in my experience. You will get a reference no.and I usually get a call from an engineer within a day or two sometime even sooner. Defects are dealt with in a timely fashion and if not I can give you the means to hurry it up. (The former financial director is now Chief Executive and he gave me a contact who really does make things happen.)

Alastair said...

Why are visitor permits only available in the perihperal zones? I live in Zone 7 and, although I don't have a car myself, I can sometimes borrow or rent one. Or perhaps someone comes to visit me in their car. Does the council really expect them to park 20 minutes' walk away?

Why don't I have as much right to park outside my own front door as anyone else, just because I don't actually own a car? It seems to me that I'm being penalised for doing my bit to reduce congestion.

Cameron Rose said...

I note the pothols has been infilled - though clearly in a temporary fashion.

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