Friday, 7 June 2013

Road repairs - and the lack of them

From time to time on behalf of constituents I ask for an update on when we can expect road repairs in a particularly badly surfaced street or pavement.  Sometimes a constituent will ask the question dfirect.  Where possible, I share the information for others who will be asking the same questions.

It is the turn for residents of East Mayfield, South Grey and Whitehouse Loan to listen up.  Here is part of a recent response to a constituent:

". . . Our prioritisation system is based on a condition assessment score from a roads inspector which is then multiplied by a prioritisation weighting. The prioritisation weighting for footways is based on footfall. The prioritisation weighting for carriageways is based on vehicle use with a higher weighting given to roads on a bus route. The increased weighting for cyclists is generally a benefit for cyclists as they tend to use the bus lane on main routes.
South Gray Street was last assessed by a Roads Inspector on 13th September 2012.
The result of this inspection was that South Gray Street merited inclusion in the Programme of Resurfacing Works 2013/14. The resurfacing work has been programmed to take place in September 2013.

Whitehouse Loan was last assessed on 13th December 2012 and East Mayfield on 13th September 2012. Unfortunately these two streets do not merit inclusion in a programme of works within the next 3 years. These streets will continue to be inspected by the Roads Team in the South Neighbourhood Office and they will carry out repairs to urgent/dangerous defects in the carriageway and footways. . . "


Nick said...

The top of Whitehouse Loan has been closed to traffic for some weeks now. I was initially hopeful, but now very dismayed to realise that only the pavements, and not the horribly pitted road are being repaired. The road is a cyclist's nightmare with debris of broken tarmac and hardcore spilling out. See also:


I must agree with Nick on the dreadful state of the Whitehouse Loan road surface. Cycling on them is a truly dangerous hazard, as I weave and dodge the holes and debris. I have to avoid this stretch when I have my son on the back of the bike. Personally I would class it as having "urgent/dangerous defects" and I would like to encourage continued inspection of this road by the Road Team - as it really is a tragedy waiting to happen.

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