Thursday, 15 August 2013

Alcohol Licensing - your say

The Licensing Board is requesting views on its proposed future strategy.  Local residents are often affected by a particular situation or premises.  But sometimes the real issue is in the overall strategy.

The new strategy is due to take effect from October this year.  Below are details of how you can contribute your views - especially on a range of identified issues. 

You can get a response form here which lists key points but you can comment on any part of the policy.

The draft policy is here and the current (old) policy is here.  Here are some of the key issues on which comments are particularly requested - though you can make general comments (paragraph nos relate to the draft policy.
  • Duty to trade (paragraph 7.2)
  • Overprovision (paragraph 9)
  • Consideration of occasional licences/extended hours applications (paragraphs 12 and 21 respectively)
  • Outside drinking areas (paragraph 19)
  • Trading hours (paragraph 20)
  • Late hours catering/takeaways (paragraph 22)
  • Children and young persons in licensed premises (paragraph 30)
The deadline for comments is 21st October 2013. 


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