Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Melville Drive/Argyle Place junction

Users of this cycle friendly junction giving access to and from Middle Meadow Walk, will have noticed that the traffic lights have not been as responsive as they were prior to the reworking of the junction a few months back.  The slowness of response means there are dead periods when traffic (motor vehicles, bikes, pedestrians) waits, whilst there are no other traffic flows to impede them.

I have checked with our Transport Systems Manager.  He has responded noting that the vehicle/cycle detection of the vehicle/cycle detection  on Argyle Place was damaged in the recent works.  Here is the remainder of his response:
"This equipment has been scheduled for repair once the Festival roadworks embargo ends in September.
It should be noted, however, that the method of detection for cyclists wishing to head towards the city centre has changed and users of the crossing will have to use the new push button provided.  Previously, there was a distinct cycle lane with kerb edges which enabled us to install cycle detectors in that lane and call the traffic signals automatically.  The new layout, where the foot way and cycleway are on the same level, while a useful improvement to the junction in general, prevents us from being able to predict the route cyclists will take across the space and install appropriate detectors."

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