Monday, 30 September 2013

Open doors in Buccleuch Street

Alas, I didn't flag up on this blog the local premises open for visits over the weekend.  But I did attend a few.   The Causey Development Trust were active in Buccleuch Street and access to the Buccleuch Graveyard was particularly fascinating - across the road from Buccleuch and Greyfirars Free Church (1857).

The first picture is of  the Church where a bit of hospitality was extended by church members to passers by with Rebecca offering home baking.  The second is of the headstone of the uncle of the better known Charles Darwin who died at the age of nineteen.

Chapel of Ease graveyard

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Anonymous said...

An excellent venue with excellent helpers; children well looked after too-magician,face painting food.Helper in the church very good at the information.
Saw a local councilor pass by on his bike;but as he was paying strict attention to the roadway did not spot me at the bus stop!

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