Saturday, 7 September 2013

Skyride today (and more free food))

Most of the roads in Holyrood Park are closed to motor vehicles today as part of a national programme of closures to enable walkers and cyclists the run of vehicle free streets.  More details here.

The low road from Duddingston to the Pollock Halls is open, however, as I found this morning when Mrs R and I went to find some food for the table -  raiding nature's larder.  See here for more details in my post last week - and I can say there are still masses of unpicked and ripe brambles for all (that's blackberries if you are from south of Lancashire and and Yorkshire!).

Just keeping you informed!


Anonymous said...

But watch where fruit is by a busy road -contamination
To Reilly

Cameron Rose said...


There are bushes beside the Low Road - though they are pretty awkward to get at safely. And, there are also bramble bushes a bit further down on the Innocent Railway cycle path.

But the area I am picking is well away from the roaf on the south facing face of Arthur's Seat - and it would be inappropriate to get the issue of vehicle pollution out of proportion. A more idyllic and rural spot you could hardly imagine. :-)

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