Monday, 2 September 2013

Your Community Council welcomes you

September is the month for reappointing (or electing) members of Community Councils. New members are always being sought for Community Councils.  You need to be proposed by two people in the Community Council area - and that's it!  (Well OK you are subject to election but there are seldom enough people to result in an election.

If you live in the Grange Prestonfield area (see map below), you can get a pack from me (as I am the returning officer).

The Southside Community Council is looking to start up again after a break of a couple of years.  You can get forms from me or Cllr Steve Burgess but they need to be returned to Steve who is the returning officer for that area.

Grange/Prestonfield boundary in red

Deatisl of the |Marchmont Sciennes Community =Council election - and all others in the city can be found here

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