Friday, 4 October 2013

Free lunch tomorrow

The feeding the 5000 event takes place tomorrow in Bristo Square offering a free lunch for 5000 people.  The organisation aims to reduce food waste and invites you to sign a pledge of commitment to reduce your food waste and condemnation of businesses.

It is a worthy commitment if you are wasteful with food - though the organisation is a bit late to the party.  Fareshare, run by the Cyrenians, has been doing an excellent job in Edinburgh for over a dozen years.

I can't help thinking that a campaign against the iniquitous worldwide bio fuels subsidy programme is worthy of more attention.   It takes agricultural land out of food producing use and has driven up food prices round the world, which, of course, hits the poorest hardest. Bio fuels constitute about 5% of the diesel for vehicles bought at the pumps and is still mandated by unwise EU targets.  It is a costly unintended consequence of misguided policies focusing on demonising fossil fuels.  The policies were adopted by the EU and governments under pressure from aid agencies and pressure groups - most of whom have now changed their minds on seeing the damage caused by the policy.  Unravelling the legislation is taking a while, though.

Actionaid constitute one example of such a campaign. 

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