Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Housebreakings in Newington

Though it has received little publicity there has been an upsurge of housebreakings in the Newington, Grange area in the last couple of months.

I have raised this in a couple of meetings I have had with the police recently and a squad has been formed to respond. 

The recently introduced priorities of the new Police Scotland focused on (among other things) violence against the person and consequently the class of crime which is quaintly called 'acquisitive crime' - housebreaking, theft etc - fell to a lower priority.  It is right that personal violence is a priority, (people are more important than things), but we still need an effective response to the various forms of theft.


Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that Police Scotland have disbanded the house break-in unit ?
This is an absolute disgrace as it seems that everyone now knows someone in the area how has suffered a robbery of some description. 14 Garages broken into in 1 night

Cameron Rose said...

Yes they have. But they need to escalate their response locally immediately there is a problem in a local area.

I am assured they are doing that - but clearly not in a sufficiently effective way.

I'm in touch and pushing.

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