Monday, 21 October 2013

Ratcliffe Terrace changes

Quality Bike Corridor changes have been provisionally agreed for the section of Ratliffe Terrace near to Mayfield Road.  These are to protect the businesses and improve, as far as possible the bike lane in the light of experience since the QBC was opened. 

However, these changes are taking time.  Here is the repsonse I have received giving the current situation.

Changes were agreed with Grange Prestonfield Community Council and local businesses, and the Traffic Regulation Order process commenced in June 2013. As part of this process, the statutory bodies were contacted in July, and no adverse comments were received. The Order is now waiting to be drafted, and our Traffic Orders team have advised that the proposals will be advertised to the public in January 2014. Should any objections be received, these will need to be referred to the Transport & Environment Committee.
It is therefore likely that it will be spring 2014 before these changes can be implemented (assuming Committee approval if objections are received).
Keeping you informed 

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