Saturday, 26 October 2013

Vehicle Activated Speed Signs

The evidence thus far for the effectiveness of the 20mph speed limit in the south side of the city is patchy and unconvincing at the moment. There has not been a significant speed reduction and the effect on casualties figures is minimal (though in both cases of speed and casualties the data available is too sparse and over too short a period to draw any firm conclusions).  Perhaps more significant is the perception that people feel a bit safer - though that is more difficult to measure.

Consider vehicle activated speed signs as a more effective way of proceeding.

Edinburgh has a few of these and it may be important not to have too many (which could dilute the impact).  There are proposals for a few more and the details will be discussed at a meeting of the Transport Committee on Tuesday.  Those interested may want to take a look at the report which contains a load on interesting details about the national and local criteria for introducing these.  Look at it here.

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