Friday, 29 November 2013

Gladstone Terrace

There is a bit of local concern about the state of the pavements in Gladstone Terrace.  The trees have lifted the pavements, making them very uneven at some points.

Essentially, three options are currently being considered.

1.  Status quo.  This would involve some patching, though the sections needing patching are generally those where the tree roots have lifted the pavement.  There are some difficulties with this option.  It wouldn't really solve the identified problem - trip hazard pavements.  In addition, the failure to maintain safe pavements is a concern to the council.  Another consideration is that patching with hot tar often has a detrimental affect on exposed tree roots.

2.  Tree removal. There has been an examination of the trees by the Council's tree officer.  There are about thirty trees, I think mostly a form of maple.  They are mature and unlikely to grow (or extend roots) further and can be expected to survive healthily for another 30 years.  There would need to be some sort of replacement, I fancy.  The examination works of late reveal that the roots are generally very close to the surface.  Tree removal is quite expensive, requiring as it would, the removal of roots and reinstatement/resurfacing.

3.  Create a new pavement in the roadway.  A draft option has been drawn up for this which would involve building out a pavement (on both sides of the road).   The trees would remain and the current pavement between trees and tenements would be landscaped and grassed, leaving suitable entrances to tenement doors, of course.  Parking bays would be moved to the road side of the new pavement.  Being a wide street, there would still be comfortable space for both traffic and parking (though not double parking!).

The opportunity would be taken to realign slightly the junction at Sciennes Road and tidy up the on street waste bins.  There might be a loss of a couple of parking spaces though I think that may be remedied.

Costs:   Its early days yet.  The indicative cost for the scheme in option 3 is around £100k  Tree removal in option 2 might be as much as 30k.  Scheme 3 would also involve additional ongoing maintenance costs.

If you are a local resident, what do you think?  I will be interested to hear from you - either in the comments below or via the contact details here.



Alastair said...

Option 3 is the obvious answer - there's plenty of width so why not use it?

That said, since the council no longer sweep up fallen leaves, leaving the pavements a slick and wet mess, perhaps we should just get rid of the trees.

Helen said...

Keep the trees! The trees make a fine street even better. Option 3 costs a bit, but worth it. We'd be paying for a good solution.
(I think these trees were planted after an outcry when the council suddenly removed the previous ones - maybe about 1980?)

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