Tuesday, 24 December 2013

No more police traffic wardens

From Monday 3rd February there will no longer be 'police' traffic wardens. Following a review by the police they are now about to withdraw the service.  An extract from their announcement:
". . .  agreement was reached to implement the proposals to remove the
traffic warden service from Monday 3 February 2014. There are a small
number of ongoing negotiations in relation to extending this service in
particular circumstances.
Current traffic wardens have been consulted with and suitable roles are being
identified for them to move into. We will endeavour to transfer all remaining
traffic wardens into long-term permanent roles and make the most of the skills
that they have developed within the police service.
In the meantime I would like to reiterate that where parking is dangerous or
causes significant obstruction Police Scotland will task police officers to
resolve the issue using the appropriate enforcement activity, including parking
tickets, other direct measures or prosecution reports. However, we will
continue to work in partnership with our communities through targeted
enforcement activity where our communities or officers identify problems in
relation to parking matters. Local tasking processes will have a responsibility
to consider requests from partners (councils, community councils and
members of the public) should parking become an issue in a town or city.
Parking offences were decriminalised in 1997 when the Road Traffic Act 1991 commenced in Scotland. The change in legislation meant that, in most cases, police powers were no longer required to enforce parking legislation and local councils had the opportunity to take responsibility for parking enforcement and other minor road traffic matters such as the misuse of greenways.   




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