Monday, 23 December 2013

That's the Odeon closed - again

For some time it has been evident that after the recent opening of the Odeon in Clerk Street, all was not well.

Here is part of the Evening News description of the current situation:
"The doors to the former Odeon in Clerk Street have been locked while a bitter spat is played out between the star’s brother, Gerry, who wanted to transform the site into a Las Vegas-style theatre, and his former business partners.
Outraged contractors claim they are considering legal action after allegedly being left thousands of pounds out of pocket for unpaid work they claim they carried out.
Disgruntled Gerry has counter-claimed their gripes, saying he fully intends to reopen with a new business partner after the Christmas holidays because he was not happy with the way they were running the theatre, which part reopened last month."
The full report is here.

And here are my posts over the last few years on the Odeon.

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