Monday, 13 January 2014

Changes in access to Waverley Station

This morning I received notification from Network Rail of changes in access which will take effect at Waverley from next Monday (20th January).

For your convenience I have summarised the changes and the reasoning below.  I note that, in the communication to me,  security is barely mentioned as an imperative for the changes.  Doubtless the changes will improve security, but the emphasis on 'security' as a main reason for the changes always appeared something of an over emphasis.

But to the changes:
  • Private vehicles - not allowed into the station
  • Taxis - a reduced number of taxis with an electronic permit will be allowed into the station
  • Drop off - Facilities are provided in Market Street and at a smaller drop off point in Calton Road (there is also a helpline at this drop off point)
  • Free parking for 30 minutes - is provided in the New Street car park close to the lift
  • Disabled access - special arrangements will remain for organisations which provide transport for disabled travellers
Of course, the lifts and escalators will improve access and circulation throughout the station and the conflict between pedestrians and vehicles will be reduced near to Platform 11.

The changes are designed to
  • increase capacity for the forecast growth of rail use from this station
  • improve circulation
  • improve air quality
  • reduce congestion
  • reduce conflict between pedestrians and vehicles
  • improve security
Finally, accessing the live arrival and departure boards at Waverley from home or on the move with a mobile device is a great benefit for those of us who use the station.  The website is here and I have found the Scotrail app on Android most convenient for accessing the arrival departure boards.


Tony Kenmuir Central Taxis said...

Thank you for the update, Cameron. It's extremely helpful after an article on TV news this evening that took us by surprise. We must establish whether taxis with permits can drop off in the station or if access is for pick-up only.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks Tony for calling by this blog. This is what I was told:

"Taxis with the requisite permits will still be able to pick-up and drop off at the designated area within the station. These will be reduced in number, however, passengers can also use taxi ranks outside the station."

Best wishes.

Ian Hood said...

Thanks for this Cameron - A number of our members who have a physical disability use taxis to get into Waverley. Will they now have to special ask for one with a permit? How many permits are there and are they shared out between the big taxi companies or does one have a monopoly?

Cameron Rose said...


Good to hear from you.

Those questions are for Niamh.Hegarty, the Communications Manager at the Network Rail email address.

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