Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Grange to front pilot against housebreakings

Police response to housebreaking crime in the last 10 months has been disappointing.  The Grange has been hit badly, with Sciennes, Mayfield and other areas suffering as well.

Two measures inspire a bit more confidence in the police response.

First, investigation teams focusing on this particular crime have been reformed.  I say reformed because the new Police Scotland downgraded their response to what they termed 'acquisitive' crime.  That was done as a corollary of targeting personal violence.  But when there was a spate of housebreakings police were much too slow to escalate a response.   I have no doubt the new investigation teams will make a big difference.  Many would be householder victims in the ward area will experience the benefit.

The second is a local trial of Smartwater technology:
SmartWater is a DNA Forensic Marking Product, which can be used to mark property. It is a water-based solution, which contains a unique forensic signature that can be painted into virtually any item of property and dries to a mat, almost invisible finish. SmartWater also utilise a spray system can be fitted to houses, commercial premises or even items of property within motor vehicles. The solution contains a fluorescent yellow/green marker, which can be detected under ultra violet (UV) light. When sampled and analysed its origin can be identified.
The Grange is one of the two areas in Edinburgh where this technology will be used in a pilot beginning soon.  The basic technology has been around for many years.  Look out for the opportunity to take advantage of it.

More details here and I will flag up forthcoming local information when it is available.

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