Tuesday, 21 January 2014

More footway resurfacing, Sciennes

Footway resurfacing is due to start in the next few weeks at the foot of Livingston Place, then along Melville Terrace up to Rillbank Terrace and including the cul-de-sac of Millerfield Place.

The work is planned in three stages:
  • Millerfield Place, both sides where the footway will be resurfaced
  • Melville Terrace from the Buddhist Shop to Rillbank
  • The foot of Livingston Place with paving around Victor Hugo's and the row of shops 
Crossings points for pedestrians will be upgraded.

Now, despite the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) on the street furniture showing there will be parking restrictions from 20th January, I am told it will not start for a couple of weeks.  Parking restrictions will be staggered and the work will take a few weeks.

Note the work noted at the second bullet point above may be delayed by the scaffolding work which is currently under way there.


Alastair said...

If there's money in the budget for resurfacing, why not spend it on the roads? These pavements really aren't that bad - even for those who're a little less mobile than others. By contrast, most of the western part of the Melville Terrace corridor is little better than a cart track.

Cameron Rose said...

The west end of Melville Terrace certainly is a mess and was patched last year whilst the remainder to the east has been recently resurfaced.
The current roads strategy is to make a pot of money is available for pedestrian facilities as part of the prioritisation process. Certainly I get correspondence - especially near residences for older people - on pavements, perhaps as much as roads.
I'm not rightly sure how this particular stretch was prioritised - though there are three nurseries served by the streets/pavements being resurfaced.

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